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Bingo Hall - Peter Kay

An episode from Peter Kay's autobiography about his experience working in a top rank bingo hall and his eventual termination of his employment.

Before becoming a professional comedian Peter Kay held many part time jobs which provided alot of his early material. He says one of his worst jobs was working in a top rank Bingo Hall. Full of old ladies devoted to their daily bingo. The big shot in the bingo hall was the Supreme Bingo Caller Roy.

Roy was loved by the old ladies and he lapped it up. These are some quotes from Peter Kay's autobiography.

“I’m full of ideas. For example, I organised a Christmas part a couple of years back and it was so successful that we’ve started to have it annually.”

  • Roy

“One thing Roy didn’t like was people like me, or “the new blood” as he called us in the articles.

“They’ve got no enthusiasms, no passion and if they don’t buck up they’ll be the poison that rots bingo for ever.”

  • Roy of Bingo fame. p.197

After a couple of minor indiscretions Peter Kay was fired from his job. Amongst other things he had been caught on CCTV cycling his mountain bike through the bingo hall. But Peter was determined to have the last laugh:

“I have no choice but to terminate your employment.” He said

“When you say terminate my employment, what do you mean?”

“I mean as from today you are no longer an employee of Top Rank Bingo.”

“But still I quizzed him. “when you say terminate does that mean I can’t even come into the building for a game of bingo? Are my family terminated? Or are they allowed to play Bingo?”

They discussed this for 20 mins. An exasperated Roy exclaimed

“your employment is no more and still you persist in discussing it. Why?

“Because I’ve not clocked off yet and I’ve just got another 25 mins out of you.”

The bingo hall later shut down. Alas the golden day s of Bingo seem to have gone to the dogs.

Peter Kay

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