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Funny Road Signs

"Evacuation Route: - No Through Road"


Do you want to get out and let me drive? The joys of navigation


It is the wet type of rain


How do you spell school again?


But don't tell anyone about the secret nuclear bunker or where you may find it.


Have a Nice Day!

funny road

Drive Through McDonalds Parking. Would you like fries with that?

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"Caution blink drivers backing out"

"Promised land - Closed"

"Drive slowly people under construction"

"Caution - sleeping policeman ahead"

"Turn on headlights in clouds"

"To go left make 3 right turns" - (Make sure you do it in the right order though )

"Of course we spoke England!"

"Bottomless pit 65 Feet deep"

"Keep your eyes open" - (Always helpful when driving)

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