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Angus Deayton: What was right up Napoleon's street? Paul Merton: Napoleon's house!

on a question about Pokémon]
Ian Hislop: This is the probably worst and worst-drawn film and craze in history, of badly-conceived little monsters that fight each other, and children trade cards and have a fantastic knowledge of a hundred and fifty monsters. They can't remember five countries and their capital cities, but just about every child in the country can tell you that Charmeleon evolves into Charmander and then turns into Machop and then kills someone or other, it's absolute garbage.
Ian Hislop: I've got an idea for these medieval history cards that I think are going to be a big hit in the playground.
Angus Deayton: You're pretty angry about this, aren't you?
Ian Hislop: I'm very, very bored. I've seen the Pokémon movie, which is probably the worst movie ever made on any subject ever.
Paul Merton: You haven't seen "Kevin & Perry Go Large", then?
Angus Deayton: Yes, this is the Pokémon phenomenon that has swept the UK. One school in Berkshire has banned Pokémon after instances of bullying to obtain the rarer cards. The bullying has finally stopped however, now that Mr. Hunt the geography teacher has the complete set.
Paul Merton: I think the quiz element of this show is overrated.

Angus Deayton: Good evening and welcome to the programme attacked this week by one viewer who wrote to complain about random way the points are allocated, on the grounds that "the level of money wagered on the outcome of this show increases week on week". So our apologies to Mr. Joseph Wall of Newark, and one point to Ian.


Angus Deayton: And did you chat with the Queen Mother?
Paul Merton: We talked about you.
Angus Deayton: No, you didn't.
Paul Merton: Yes, we did.
Angus Deayton: What did she say about me?
Paul Merton: I've never heard such language in all my life.

Angus Deayton: What was right up Napoleon's street?
Paul Merton: Napoleon's house!

Ian Hislop: [asked to sum up the Million Man March] Louis Farrakhan says America is racist and he blames the Jews.

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