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selection of the best funny poems
Title Description
Page Funny Wedding Poems funny poem by Spike Milligan
Page Funny Grandma Poem "Granny" - Spike Milligan's immortal poem Granny. "Through every nook and cranny the wind blew on poor old granny.
Page Funny Football Poems Collection of funny poems about football
Page Poem Hot and Cold poem by Roald Dahl - The innocence of youth!
Page Cinderella - Roald Dahl poem by Roald Dahl
Page Funny Poems for a Coach If school were more like baseball
Page Funny Wedding Anniversary Poem Poem by Spike Milligan "Feelings" which would make a funny poem for a wedding anniversary.
Page Funny Love Poem Free Funny Love Poem online by Spike Milligan
Page On the Ning Nang Nong poem by Spike Milligan. Voted nations favourite comic poem
Page The Owl and the Pussy Cat Poem by Edward Lear
Page Funny Christmas Poem Funny poem about Christmas by Spike Milligan
Page Funny Poem - Coffee You`ll be greeted by a nice cup of coffee
Page Poem: The Pig Funny poem by Roald Dahl
Page St Ives 2 versions of poem about St Ives and 7 wives, one by Roald Dahl
Page Funny Poem about Teachers Where do all the Teachers go when its four O'clock

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