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Funny Dumb Answers - "The Weakest Links"

Some funny replies to Questions on the weakest Link. Questions posed by Anne Robinson. Answers a sure sign we need not worry about declining educational standards in the UK.


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Funny Weakest link video with MC DJs


From BBC2's The Weakest Link:

Which Cluedo character has a military rank?
A: Colonel Sanders

Which product had an advertising ban imposed on it in 1999?
A: Marmalade.

What's the nationality of the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre?
A: Italian

Anne Robinson: Space exploration. What does the acronym NASA stand for?
Contestant: National Socialist Space Satellite.

Robinson: In what century was the composer J.S. Bach born?
Contestant: The twentieth century.

Robinson: Who initiated the Chinese cultural revolution?
Contestant: Ming. Anne Robinson: Which musician famous for playing the piano honky-tonk style died in the year 2000?
Contestant: Elton John.

Robinson: In the TV series of the same name, who played the pathologist Quincy?
Contestant: Quincy

Anne Robinson: Before president Clinton, how many Presidents of America were impeached?
Contestant: None

Robinson: In geography, does the state of Virginia lie on the East or West side of America?
Contestant: West.

Robinson: How many hours are there in three days?
Contestant (thought Robinson said how many r�s): One.

Robinson: In history, at the battle of Waterloo, which general's horse was called Copenhagen?
Contestant: Lord Nelson.

What was the sequel to the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer?
Contestant: I Know What You Did Last Winter.

Anne Robinson: In which century was Hadrian's Wall built?
Contestant: The 18th century.

AR: Complete the title of this Oliver Goldsmith novel: The Vicar of...
Contestant: Dibley. AR: Who originally released the song "It's a wonderful world"?
Answer: Ray Charles.

AR: Which movie ended with the famous words: "It was beauty that killed the beast."?
Answer: Pass.

AR: In modern literature, who wrote the novel American Psycho?
Answer: Pass.

AR: Complete the title of this novel by Henry James: "The Turn of the ..."?
Answer: Century.

AR: In which city do we find the Kremlin building?
Answer: Russia

AR: Which organ of the human body is used for smelling and breathing?
Answer: The lungs.

Anne Robinson: In music, what was the first name of the German composer Bach, who was born in 1685?
Answer: Edward.

AR: In literature, poet Philip Larkin was born in what century?
A: The 17th.

AR: Which bird gives its name to a straight-legged marching step?
A: The cuckoo.

AR: What is the correct name for the Australian wild dog?
A: The dingbat.

AR: What does a bat use to facilitate flying in the dark?
A: Its wings.

AR: In the animal kingdom, what "C" is a large North American reindeer?
A: A moose.

AR: In politics, what "W" was a pact signed by the Soviet Union in 1955 as a response to West Germany joining NATO?
A: The Williamsburg Treaty.

Anne Robinson: The name of which Italian, born in 1469, is synonymous with immoral cunning?
Contestant: Mussolini.

Anne Robinson: Which Italian city is overlooked by Vesuvius?
Contestant: Bombay.

AR: Who wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?
Contestant: Dr Seuss.

AR: What part did the Tin Man ask Dorothy would get him?
Answer: A brain.

Anne Robinson: In fashion, what is the French for "ready to wear"?
Contestant: Pret � Manger

AR: Which British composer took the music for "Land of Hope and Glory" from his Pomp and Circumstance marches?
Contestant: Tchaikovsky.

AR: Which actress named Patricia is the wife of Nicholas Cage?
Contestant: Patricia Routledge.

AR: What is the name of the 1994 Oscar winning film which starred Ben Kingsley as Yitzak Stern?
Contestant: Gandhi.

AR: Complete the title of the well-known play, The Iceman... Contestant: Melts.

AR: In what year of the 90s did badminton and basketball become Olympic medal sports?
Contestant: 1984

AR: Gotham is not only a place in the Batman series, but also a city in which European country?
Contestant: Italy.

AR: What was the title of the play �La Cage aux Folles� when it was remade into a movie starring Robin Williams?
Contestant: Mrs. Doubtfire.

AR: In Roman mythology, which animal brought up Romulus and Remus?
Contestant: A lion.

AR: Who wrote the book �Death on the Nile� with Hercule Poirot as main character?
Contestant: Don�t know.

AR: How many units are there in a dozen?
Contestant: 13.

AR: In what European country was actor Antonio Banderas born?
Contestant: Mexico.

Anne Robinson: What French word did Karl Marx use to describe those who oppressed the working class?
Contestant: Trotskyists.

AR: What distinguished prize did Albert Einstein win in 1921 for his work in physics?
Contestant: The Booker Prize


The weakest Link at BBC

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