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I give meditation classes but I do not consider myself to be a teacher, because I am still learning myself.

A real Meditation Teacher is one who has achieved the highest state of Self Realisation. This means he/she has become aware of the highest consciousness within themselves.

When a Spiritual Teacher has realised the highest transcendental consciousness they can teach most effectively through silence. By meditating in the same room we can feel the meditative consciousness. There is a story about Gautama Buddha who once gave a famous "Flower Sermon". The Buddha had been giving lectures on spirituality, but at one meeting he decided to remain silent and only held up a flower. The Buddha said that he could offer more through silent prayer and meditation. When he talked it merely went in one ear and out the other.

Self Realisation is called different things by different traditions. Buddhists term it enlightenment or the realisation of Nirvana. Hindu's may call it liberation. The Christ proclaimed "I and My Father are One" To reach the highest realisation is quite rare, it may take us many lifetimes to achieve this goal.

There are many Meditation and spiritual teachers I know only about a few. A sincere seeker has to discover which teacher is most suitable for himself. There is no one teacher who is right for everybody. There are many different paths to suit different temprements and inclinations. In the beginning meditation practises may differ significantly but ultimately all paths are leading to the same goal.

This goal of meditation transcends any man made divisions.

Spiritual Teachers

Sri Chinmoy (my own meditation teacher.)

Parahamhansa Yogananda

Ramana Maharshi

Lord Buddha

Paramahansa Yogananda

Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Krishna

Sri Aurobindo

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