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Lord Buddha

The Buddha was a great Spiritual Master who lived in India over 2,000 years ago. He taught a message of freedom from ignorance, enabling a seeker to attain Nirvana.

Buddha sun

(Photo of Borobudur)

Extract From Play about the Buddha

  • Last scene of the play (Ananda is a close disciple of Buddha who was grieving over the imminent passing of his Master)

BUDDHA: “Ananda, stay here. Don't go away. My life can now be measured in minutes. Ananda, do not cry for me. I tell all of you not to cry for me. Ananda, I have told you repeatedly that everything is transient on earth. There is nothing everlasting here. Anything that comes into life will have to give up life. You have served me, O Ananda, most devotedly, most soulfully, and for that I offer you my last blessings. Proceed on your inner strength, and you will receive liberation. You will have your liberation in due course. My spiritual journey began with renunciation and compassion, and today, at the end of my journey's close, I offer to the world the same message: renunciation and compassion. O Ananda, do not grieve.”

(The Buddha dies.)

From: Siddhartha Becomes the Buddha a play by Sri Chinmoy

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