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Meditation is an important part of my life. I meditate for about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. I would like to meditate for longer but I lead a pretty busy life - cycling, websites e.t.c. However no matter how busy I am I always find time to meditate.

I am still pretty much a beginner but I have had many good experiences through meditation. When I meditate well and can quieten the mind, I experience a happiness that is difficult to get from outer activities. In fact they are a different kind of happiness. Inner Peace is also a quality I can feel, but it was not how I imagined it would be. The peace from meditation is actually quite a dynamic feeling and you feel it is a peace that you need to offer to others. When I meditate well I feel an unexpected oneness with the rest of the world. I feel meditation also affects the rest of your day as well. Meditation gives you a greater detachment from external circumstances. For example you get less frustrated by small things. However having said all that its difficult to describe meditation because by nature meditation goes beyond the mind and cannot be described in words. Sri Chinmoy wrote a poem called "The Absolute" which attempts to express the ultimate transcendental consciousness, which is a goal of meditation.

I am grateful to have a living Meditation Teacher Sri Chinmoy. At the age of 12 Sri Chinmoy moved to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram where he started meditating and from an early age had many profound spiritual experiences. He lived in the ashram for 20 deepening his experiences, before coming to the US to offer the spiritual teachings of India to the West.
It is a great inspiration to see Sri Chinmoy meditate in person, I feel he is able to go to a very high state of meditation and this tangibly effects your own meditation.

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