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Sri Chinmoy 75th Birthday Celebrations

Some photos and description of Sri Chinmoy's 75th birthday celebrations


27th August 2006 was the 75th birthday of my spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. On the 27th there were about 1700 people attending from all over the world. Sri Chinmoy also received many birthday messages from friends and well wishers in different walks of life.

Many of the functions were held in a revamped tennis court called "Aspiration Ground". It just about holds 1700 people. It is very beautiful and is decorated with many flowers.

    Part of Aspiration Ground, Queens, NY (photo Richard)

    Flowers from Aspiration Ground

Sri Chinmoy Lifting

smart car

sri chinmoy lift

Sri Chinmoy lifted various people and objects during his birthday celebrations. The photo on the left is a photo of Sri Chinmoy's own smart Car. The total weight is 2189 lbs. He successfully lifted it off the ground with his legs on my day of departure 1st September 2006.

The photo on the right is of Sri Chinmoy preparing to lift with his right arm (Photo on right by: Pranlobha Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries)

Other weightlifting of Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy's 75th Birthday

Sri Chinmoy meditating on his 75th birthday (photo by: Pranlobha)

The 27th August, like many other days, was cold by August standards and very wet. Under cover of 2 plastic macs I didn't mind the rain, there's something quite enjoyable about meditating outside in the pooring rain, I'm not sure why.

The World Record Popcorn Cake

For about a week a team of 10-20 boys, led by Ashrita Furman worked tirelessly on making a giant 24 foot cake entirely out of edible popcorn. It was a huge undertaking and made even more difficult by the wet weather which threatened to dissolve the sugary cake. However they managed to overcome all the difficulties and on the evening of the 27th in a brief respite from the rain the cake was uncovered and successfully broke the Guiness Record for the largest cake. At Sri Chinmoy's suggestion the statue on the top is a statue of Sri Krishna.


(photo by: Me)

Photos from: Self Transcendence Marathon


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